Services and Benefits

Being a member of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA), you will be represented in the Legislative Council and all major government advisory bodies. Your rights will be voiced out and your concerns will be attended.

You will be well informed of policy changes, market opportunities, technological trends, investment news and a lot more that will enhance your competitive edge and benefit your business.

Trade Promotion and Business Network
1.  Mainland China Support
The CMA is dedicated to providing useful business information and investment news of the Mainland and related services to our members to strengthen the working relationships with government bodies and local chambers. The Association also organised numerous study missions to different provinces and cities in China. Moreover, our Representative Office in Guangzhou and two Liaison Offices in Shanghai and Beijing are there to provide local support.
  2.  Testing Services
The CMA Testing and Certification laboratories (TCL) provides materials and products testing, production and pre-shipment inspection, as well as technical consultancy services, e.g. ISO9000 certification consultancy service.
3.  Exhibitions
The CMA regularly organises and sponsors both local and overseas exhibitions to promote Hong Kong products. CMA members can enjoy special offers on their participation in these exhibitions. Members are also well informed of exhibition news and trade promotion opportunities to engage actively in global trade.
4.  Trade Missions
The CMA regularly organises trade and study missions to overseas countries and Mainland China, and participates in international trade fairs and economic conferences. Members are introduced to prominent representatives of the business communities and senior government officials to acquire first-hand information on the regions. Overseas delegates visiting Hong Kong are also arranged to meet CMA members to foster bilateral trade and investment.
5.   Origin Certification & EDI
The CMA is authorised by the government to issue all kinds of certificates of origin (C.O.) and operate EDI Service Centres. C.O. issued are well recognised by overseas government authorities and trading partners. Members can enjoy special discounts using such services.  Our Service Centres enable traders who are not EDI capable to submit paper as usual.
6.   Trade Enquiries 
The CMA provides a one-stop trade and investment enquiries service, which handles over 1,000 referrals on a monthly basis, facilitating local and overseas buyers and joint-venture partners to establish links with CMA members. Moreover, the CMA publishes a monthly Trade Enquiries and Investment Opportunities Bulletin for circulation among members.
7.  International Liaison
CMA members can tap the vast potentials of the international business network through our extensive partnership with trade and industrial associations in mainland China and abroad. We also maintain close and effective communication with foreign chambers, consulates and trade commissioners of overseas governments in Hong Kong.
8.   International Trade Support
The Association studies the trade and economic policies of overseas markets and their influences on Hong Kong economic development.  The CMA has maintained close relationships with local, Mainland and overseas government bodies and chambers. Moreover, the Association also works with foreign trade chambers and consulates in Hong Kong. In the past year, CMA organised a Spring Dinner Reception and several luncheons with Consul-Generals from different countries.
Industrial Support and Development
1.  Product Innovation and Development
The CMA takes an active role in encouraging new product development and quality improvement. The CMA has been appointed by the government to organise the annual Hong Kong Award for Industry ---- Machinery and Equipment Design to give recognition to outstanding manufacturers who have dedicated their efforts in upgrading the production technologies and machinery and equipment design for the local industry.
  2.   Education and Training
The CMA has constantly devoted great efforts towards the development of technical education in Hong Kong, and has established two secondary schools. Courses offered cover common arts and commercial subjects, as well as basic industrial training programmes.

The CMA regularly organises various training courses, seminars and conferences for members to enhance their business acumen and sharpen their management practices. Members can enjoy special discounts on participation.

The CMA is represented on the Vocational Training Council and its training boards to assist in the formulation of training policies and schemes to cope with the changing demand of industry in the supply of technical and skilled workers.
3.   Support to SMEs
The CMA understands the importance and contribution of the small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to the economy of Hong Kong. The SME Committee specifically looks after the special concerns and needs of local SMEs. We are now developing the SME-Net to help promote the applications of information technology among SMEs. Our SME members will be able to receive useful and practical information and advices, and to attend workshops and gatherings.
4.   Business Promotion
The CMA assists members in expanding their business exposure by a bundle of services. Attractive promotion package, like insertion service, magazine advertisement, classified ads and privilege scheme are offered.  Please contact our Membership Department at tel no. 2851 1555 or e-mail to for details.

5.  Conference Room Renting
The Association offers a 3,000 sq. ft. meeting venue conveniently located at Central for rental to members at very competitive rates.
6.   Insurance Schemes and Provident Fund Scheme
CMA members are entitled to join the Preferential Insurance Schemes and Provident Fund Scheme exclusively set up for the purpose of collective purchase, enabling members to enjoy more favourable premiums.

Joining the membership of the CMA, each member-company will receive one membership card and be able to enjoy the special offers provided by our affiliated retailers and service vendors.

CMA member can receive complimentary copies of our monthly magazine "Hong Kong Entrepreneur", newsletters, directory of members and annual report on a regular basis. Members' company information will also be listed on the CMA website to capture wider publicity.
Important Representations
1.          Legislative Council
2.          Hong Kong Trade Development Council
3.          Hong Kong Industry & Technology Development Council
4.          Hong Kong Productivity Council
5.          Labour Advisory Board
6.          Vocational Training Council
7.          Employees Retraining Board, etc.
To apply for CMA membership or know more about the Association, please contact our Membership Department at tel no. (852)2542 8610, e-mail: or by fax (852) 2815 5713.

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