In 2010, the Members’ Affairs Development Committee was set up to mobilise keen and active members who join hands to assist and promote various events that cater to fellow members’ needs. We also collect feedback from all members through the committee so as to upgrade our services.

To further develop the Committee, we have established 5 functional Teams in 2014, including Business Development and Support Team, Business Missions and Social Affairs Team, Business Network Development Team, Mentoring Team as well as Members’ Liaison and Activities Team. The above teams are chaired by dedicated committee members who will, in their new capacity, lead their peers to work on their specific functions and enhance our member services.

Members who are interested to join the committee, please download the application form of recruitment of “Members’ Affairs Development Team”, fill in and fax to 2815 5713. For enquiries, please call 2542 8622/ 2542 8626 or email to /

Business Network Development Team

Member Name Company Name Title
Mr. Peter Chan (Chairman) Fook Moon Lam Jewellery Holdings Company Limited Business Development Director
Ms. Daisy Tsang (Vice-Chairman) Year Development Limited Managing Director
Mr. Peter Wong (Committee) The Food Source Ltd. Manager
Mr. Roman Wang (Committee) Roman International Co Ltd Managing Director
Ms. Luk Wing Yee (Committee) China Build Trading Ltd Managing Director
Ms. Winnie Siu (Committee) E. Tech Management (HK) Limited Marketing Manager
Ms. Alan So (Committee) Baiser de Vie Company Limited Director

Members’ Liaison and Activities Team

Member Name Company Name Title
Mr. Keith Pon (Chairman) All Source Holdings Limited Director
Mr. Sherwin Mak (Vice-Chairman) Any Tours Enterprises Limited Business Development Manager
Mr. Simon Leung (Committee) Tung Fat Ho Building Material Limited General Manager
Mr. Albert Hui (Committee) New World Development Company Limited Director (Corporate Strategy)

Business Missions and Social Affairs Team

Member Name Company Name Title
Ms. Wong May Wai Esther (Chairman) Gather Wealth Realty Group Limited Director
Ms. Winnie Siu (Vice-Chairman) E. Tech Management (HK) Limited Marketing Manager
Ms. Jenfer Wong (Committee) Millennium Consultancy Services Ltd. Director
Ms. Landy Lau (Committee) AL Goodwell Industries Ltd Director
Mr. Wong Kam Shing Michael (Committee) Energy Bright Limited Manager Director
Ms. Lau, Wai Vivian (Committee) Skytruck Transportation Limited Director
Mrs. Anna Cheng (Committee) Opal House Ltd Executive Director

Mentoring Team

Member Name Company Name Title
Mr. Philip Leung (Chairman) Sharings African Drumming Arena Business Proprietor
Ms. Ingrid Lau (Committee) New Town Medical & Dental Services Ltd Deputy Managing Director
Mr. Raymond Ip (Committee) Limited General Manager
Mr. Jody Tso (Committee) Po Ma Food Fty Ltd General Sales Manager
Ms. Lau Wing Yee (Committee) 777 Capital President
Ms. Debby Ng (Committee) Tung Hing Products Company Limited Sales Manager

Business Development and Support Team

Member Name Company Name Title
Mr. Michael Lai (Chairman) Nicedrape Solar Protection System Co., Ltd Executive Director
Ms. Anny Ma (Committee) Advanced Sun Wah Electronic Company Limited Director
Ms. Amy So (Committee) Great Bloom (China) Limited Director
Mr. Lai Yan Cheong, Chris (Committee) Mpfsupermart Company Limited Managing Director
Mr. Ivan Mak (Committee) Tung Fong Hung Medicine Co Ltd Executive Director