At CMA we always strive to provide value for money, and to ensure that our members get the best services.

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Reasons for joining CMA Membership

  • Special Discounts on Various Business Services

The CMA provides diversified services to its members to meet their business and development needs. We offer our members special discounts on these services, which includethe Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo, Secretarial Services, Testing Services, Training Services, Insurance Agent Services, Origin Certification and EDI Services.

  • Get Your Voice Heard

The CMA has been playing an active role in safeguarding the interests of the business community. You will also be well informed of policy changes, market opportunities, technological trends, investment news and a lot more that will enhance your competitive edge and benefit your business.

Since 1984, the CMA has been designated as a functional constituency to represent the industry, such that permanent and ordinary members of the CMA have voting right to elect a representative to sit on the Legislative Council. The CMA also has representatives serving on various government and non-government advisory bodies. Your voices and opinions will be conveyed to policy makers.

  • Participate in a Powerful Business Network

Apart from receiving delegations from the Mainland and around the world, the CMA also sends trade missions to overseas countries and cities to meet with the local government officials and representatives of business organisations.  The CMA is a member of the international Chamber of Commerce.  It liaises with international bodies as well as overseas trade and industrial associations for the exchange of information and ideas and promotion of trade and industry.  It also maintains close contact with consulates and trade commissions of overseas government in Hong Kong.  Furthermore, the CMA organises a wide variety of business and social events to enhance cross-strait business ties. By joining CMA, you can grow your network and expand your business opportunities.

  • Enjoy a Wide Range of Mainland Support Services

Most of the CMA members have business operations in Mainland China. We set up liaison offices in Mainland China to provide assistance to the Hong Kong enterprises in Mainland.  The services include taxation, intellectual property, sales management, investment, human resources management, technological and brand development.

  • Increase Exposure Through Our Multiple Marketing Channels

The CMA assists members in expanding their business exposure.  Members can enjoy:

-       Free listing in Member Directory and CMA website

-       Special offer on participation in the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo

-       Free exposure in Members Privileges Scheme

-       Discounts on advertisements placed in Hong Kong Entrepreneur

-       Free enjoy of trade enquiry services

-       Discounts on using mailing insertion services

-       Discounts on joining the Preferential Insurance Schemes and Medical insurance

l  Other member benefits

-       Chances to be invited to the monthly General Committee Dinner Reception to meet other members and distinguished guests

-       Welcoming activities for new members

-       Attractive special offers relating to travel, dining, shopping

-       Eligible to join a wide range of member events and activities

-       Free advertising opportunities

-       Receive member circulars and journals which provide first-hand information about the industry and the Association

Membership Categories

a.   Permanent Member/ Ordinary Member

A Hong Kong company which is engaged in manufacturing activities and is registered as a factory, or any Hong Kong company which is the holder of more than 25% of the issued share capital of any manufacturing factory outside Hong Kong can apply for admission as a Permanent Member or Ordinary Member of the CMA.

b.   Permanent Associate Member/ Associate Member
Registered Hong Kong companies, overseas factories or business enterprises can apply for admission as Associate Members. Associate Members enjoy same benefits as Ordinary Members except that Associate Members do not have voting rights and cannot participate in the election of the General Committee.

c.   Group Member
A registered industrial or commercial association can apply for admission as a Group Member of the CMA.

Membership Fees

Types of Members

Entry Fee

Annual Fee

Permanent Member


HK$30,000(once and for all)

Ordinary Member



Permanent Associate Member


HK$30,000(once and for all)

Associate Member



Group Member