Chief Executive Officer

Paul SW Leung

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Association Affairs, Human Resources & Administration)

Rosita Law

General Manager, Hong Kong Brand Development Council

Hilson Yan

General Manager, Business Services Development

Stanley Au Yeung

Acting Chief Executive Officer / General Manager of Operations, CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories

Dominic Lam

General Manager, Policy Research & Training

Hilson Yan

General Manager of Business Development, CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories

Arthur Lam

General Manager, Finance

Pauline Wong

General Manager of Finance, Human Resources and Administration, CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories

Alfred Chan

General Manager, Liaison & Community Services

Natalie Keung

Head of Corporate Communications

Alison Lee

General Manager, CMA Exhibition Services Limited

Winnie Yuen

Representative, Guangzhou Office

Zhou Xiaohua

General Manager, CMA Secretarial Services Limited /CMA Insurance Agent Limited

Stanley Au Yeung