Message from the President

I am deeply honoured to be elected the new President of CMA. In the coming three years, with the support and help of other General Committee members, I will devote my utmost effort to building a glorious future for the CMA.

Established in 1934, the CMA has always been a pioneer in promoting Hong Kong's industrial development. With only 11 members at its inception, the CMA has grown into one of the largest and most representative business associations in Hong Kong today with some 3,000 member companies and an influential role to play in the industry.

Thanks to the wisdom and contribution of our former leaders, the CMA has cultivated a solid foundation. Last year, we organised a wide range of activities in celebration of the CMA's 80th anniversary. It marked a jubilant and fruitful year for us.  We have also taken this opportunity to demonstrate to the public the triumphant history of Hong Kong's industrial development and the fruits of our hard work.

Stepping into the position as the new President of CMA brings me a tremendous sense of responsibility. Hong Kong's industry is currently at an important stage of upgrading and transformation. However, Hong Kong's business environment has been volatile in recent years, as the society faces stern challenges in its economic, political and social environments. The CMA must step up on its role as a bridge of communication in relaying industry opinions, and putting forward suggestions to the Mainland and HKSAR Governments. It also sets out to help small and medium-sized enterprises to tackle various challenges and explore new business opportunities.

CMA's services are acclaimed for their diversity and comprehensive range. The services provided by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (BDC), Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE), and CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (CMA Testing) are widely popular in the industry, and they have become the core businesses of the CMA.

Founded in 1938, HKBPE has an illustrious history of 77 years. In addition to being a platform for promoting Hong Kong industrial products and the development of Hong Kong brands, the HKBPE has become one of the city's signature events, as it embodies the collective memories of generations of Hong Kong people. In recent years, the HKBPE has achieved an ever-higher total sales turnover record. To assist Hong Kong enterprises to tap into the vast opportunities of the Mainland market, the CMA has introduced the HKBPE in various Mainland cities to promote quality Hong Kong brands and products to Mainland customers. This year the CMA will further extend its outreach and organise the “2015 Hong Kong Trendy Products Expo, Tianjin” in Tianjin.

Initiated by the CMA in 2005, the BDC is committed to steering the industry towards brand building, increasing the awareness of Hong Kong brands and developing Hong Kong into a brands hub. The various Hong Kong Brand Awards organised annually have long become a seminal event for Hong Kong brands, garnering great acclaim and attention in the industry. This year BDC ushers in its 10th anniversary. It will stage an array of celebration activities under the theme of “Leading the Way, Branding for Excellence”, including its 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner to be held in tandem with the Presentation Ceremony of various 2014 brand awards in February.

There is considerable potential for the growth for the testing and certification industry in Hong Kong. Established by the CMA in 1979, the CMA Testing are an independent and internationally accredited body. With dedicated investment in precision testing equipment and service quality enhancement, CMA Testing provide reliable and professional quality testing services to their clients. CMA Testing have been appointed as the approved testing laboratory of many world-famous brands. In the future CMA Testing will actively explore emerging markets, with a view to further enhancing international recognition for Hong Kong's testing and certification services.

In addition to promoting Hong Kong's industrial and commercial development, the CMA also strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by fostering cohesion in the commercial sector. Adhering to the philosophy of “From the Community, For the Community”, the CMA supports and participates in various community and charitable activities.  Talent development is key to Hong Kong's sustainable growth and therefore we place special emphasis on education. The CMA established the CMA & Donors Scholarship in 1964 and two secondary schools, CMA Secondary School and CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School, in 1976 and 1985 respectively. As part of our anniversary celebration last year, the CMA made a special donation of $30 million to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to support its student development programmes. We will continue with this distinguished tradition to care for and contribute to the society, and work towards building a better and more harmonious Hong Kong.

The new General Committee is an assembly of exceptional talents. The CMA will continue with the spirit of our founders and traditions while we innovate and thrive. We will extend our best effort to help bring about cohesion in the society, support the government in its policy implementation, strengthen our ties to the Mainland, improve Hong Kong's business environment and assist our members to look for new business opportunities. I also pledge to listen to the opinions of different parties for diverse perspectives and to work closely with our General Committee members, as we carry on the Association's 80 years of glory and lead the CMA to scale new heights.

Finally, I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to the 39th CMA General Committee, especially President Irons Sze, JP, for their remarkable contribution. With their ardent efforts, they have unveiled a new and eminent chapter in the history of CMA's development. The success of the 40th CMA General Committee Inauguration Ceremony is attributed to the meticulous planning of the preparation committee members and the secretariat, the active participation of all our members and General Committee members, and the generous support of various government departments, business associations, organisations and the media for which I am deeply grateful. I believe the CMA will stride forward with the concerted efforts of all our members and support from different sectors of the society, taking the CMA to new and phenomenal success.

Dr Li S H, Eddy, BBS JP